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  THANKYOU Castors and Wheels Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Thank you for your support and recognition from the guests of various countries over the years.

We are determined to provide products with good quality and competitive cost for the market.

 At present, the following series of products have been confirmed and recognized by users from every fields, and we will continue focused on developing and manufacturing high-end products.

Stainless steel series

Light series

Medium series

Medium and heavy series

Heavy series

Furniture furniture wheel series

Medical wheel series

Thanks to our excellent sales service, R&D production and supplier team.

Rapid development of the infiltration market sales service team, committed to brand development and quality service.

Efficient R&D and production teams strive to provide products that are more suitable for market development and demand.

Quality supplier team that escorts products that are affordable and easy to use.


Thanks to us for meeting each other because of the casters, we know each other because of development.

Thank you - casters!

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